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Photo by Tabia Parker

Photo By Tabia Parker


Yolo Akili has worked as an anti-violence and emotional wellness counselor for marginalized youth and men for almost a decade.

Akili’s writings have appeared in many publications including The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  He has appeared on Huffington Post Live! and The Derek & Romaine Show (Sirius 1080 XM). Akili has also delivered keynotes and presentations at Vanderbilt University, Columbia University, Fordham University and much more.



Facts About Yolo Akili:

  •  Yolo has been an invited presenter and speaker at: Columbia University, Fordham University, Vanderbilt University, Northern Illinois University, The Texas Council on Family Violence, Morehouse College and more.
  •  Yolo has worked with homeless and runaway African American youth as a case management counselor and life coach.
  • Yolo taught men’s education classes to middle aged men on violence, gender and self control.
  • Yolo Is a Certified 200 Level Yoga teacher Registered with Yoga Alliance
  • Yolo’s work has been featured in many publications including Ebony.com, The Daily Princetonian, and the Bay Citizen.
  • Yolo’s writings appear in Huffington PostThe Good Men Project, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and much more.
  •  Yolo Has appeared on Huffington Post Live & The Derek & Romaine Show (Sirius 1080 XM).